A Logo is born!

The idea of starting a second brewery seemed quite unattainable.  After a lot of research and encouragement from many, the idea to start from scratch seemed more and more possible.  We were licensed in NH and the TTB as of 5/21/17.  Finally beer is almost here!  This is happening.  I wanted to go back to the beginning to show where it all started.  

I met Bill Kramer a few years back and was introduced to the many forms of art that he creates. When this project came to light I was fortunate enough that he had the available time to lend his talent and wisdom to our branding. The pictures below start from the beginning of the evolution of our logo!  As a side note you can view Bill's many forms of artistic talent at williamkramer.com, on Facebook as William Kramer Studio, on Instagram williamkramerstudio and his cats at mainecoons_of_nottingham!